Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ethan Ford, also known as Fordo, is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. He founded in 2016 the YTM collective (Young Trap Monarchy), where he began to make a name for himself. Currently attending Belmont University he released his solo debut EP "IDOLS" in May 2020.



"It started out just making beats, now here I am." Starting young, Fordo began making hip-hop beats as a hobby until he realized his calling. "I always dreamed of putting out work to impact others around me, so I did." All lyrics, production, and composition created by Ethan Ford. 


Be Inspired by Everything

I find inspiration in everything around me. I strive to create music that's representative of myself, my generation, and my influences. My biggest purpose is to impact those listening. My biggest inspirations come from my unbelievable friends, experiences, surroundings, and places that most people usually might not give a second glance. I hope you enjoy.


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